January 25, 2021

Well Rested

By Gianella Solorzano
Well Rested

Everyone needs loungewear specially now when WFH is all we can do. We introduce to you our Sustainable Collection featuring one of our favorite brands, Grey State. Your WFH look just got a whole lot elevated with these two special sustainable pieces we brought on just for you. 

First let us introduce our Ashby Sweatshirt! Super-soft, plush All-day Terry is our do it all fabric. You will love the feel of the soft and yummy cotton against your skin but the fabric is gutsy so it holds its shape and does not wrinkle easily. You will feel like you are wearing your most comfy pajamas, but only you will know!

Wear this while running errands (that is Gianella's fav way to wear it ) paired with your favorite casual leggings and white sneakers. 

Next we have the Jayme Sweatshirt it has all the fun of tie-dye in refined, neutral colors. We always love finding ways to style the Jayme sweatshirt. Our favorite is with light pink joggers and again our famous white sneakers. Tie-dye is all about having fun which is why we also pair this look with an oversized light pink coat! because Pink is the new black. 


And there you have it, who said we can't look put together while WFH? 

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