Merritt Charles 

They are a locally produced, sustainable and ethical brand. They make their products in Los Angeles and have a dedicated team that searches for pre existing and special vintage fabrics dating back to the 1940's. Instead of producing more fabrics they buy overstock or buy fabrics people are willing to let go of after having a for a long time. They restore them and use them. Merritt uses all natural fibers from silks to cottons to tencels, so they can naturally biodegrade into the earth.

 Laude the Label

 LAUDE the Label empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment at living wages. As a company, they measure success by impact, not profits. Their model is moving the fashion industry toward a more humane approach, where the Earth and the maker are valued equally to the customer.

  Paper Baristas

Ethically sourced. Made in America. Handmade. Letterpress printed in house. Giving back to fight human trafficking. They are a husband + wife team. Each paper is made from upcycled cotton rags that were going to be tossed out by the garment industry. Sustainable Environment and Sustainable Living Condition for All is what they are all about.

 Grey State 

Grey State represents a neutral space that's neither black nor white, a symbol of today's modern woman-- adaptable, multi faceted and ever-changing. Their clothes aren't just made well, they are made responsibly. They use the UN's Sustainability Goals as their guide and manufacture in the most compliant, internationally-certified factories with the highest standards.


J.ING is more than a fashion brand – it’s a commitment to sustainability from the fabric to the construction of each garment, in every collection. They source from suppliers all over the world and create one-of-a-kind fabrics that are as luxurious as they are conscientious.